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Are you looking for Latin dance outfits for kids? This list has Latin ballroom costumes to wear to class and competition!


Latin Dance Outfits for Kids


Latin Dance Outfits for Kids

Latin rhythm dances are definitely some of our favorite ballroom dancing styles!

This list contains Latin costumes for everything from Tango,Cha Cha and Rumba, to Samba and Paso Doble.

It also contains costumes for both boys and girls.


Latin Dresses for Girls

There are Latin dance skirt options on the list that are perfect for class, and there are some dance competition worthy dancing costume choices as well.

We love sequin fringes, swarovski crystals and everything sparkly when it comes to dance:)


​Latin Dance Dresses

​Finding the right dress is a big deal, no matter what your age is!

We have included many different styles on this list so that you are sure to find the perfect dance dress for your young dancer!

There are both short dresses and some long dresses to choose from. One of the things we love about some of the short options is that they include shorts underneath to make the dancer more comfortable when dancing. After all, they should be able to focus on the dance instead of worrying about their dress!

There are lots of practice options on the list as well as Latin competition gowns. Your little dancer should be able to attend a ballroom competition feeling confident and like a princess in one of these perfect Latin gowns!


Latin Dancer

This list also contains ballroom dance costumes for boys.

Ballroom dance costumes for boys are, in our opinion, not always as exciting as costumes for girls. Boy costumes consist of pants and shirts, whereas girl costumes can be dresses, leotards, skirts, or pants. Girls can have short dresses, long dresses, etc.

But that doesn’t mean that boys costumes can’t look great as well!

For competition boys can be a little more flashy (as long as they don’t take away from their partner’s beautiful costume;). Boys costumes look great with some rhinestones and can have the addition of ties and bow ties which girls costumes do not have.


​Latin Dance Costumes for Boys

​Finding the right outfit is a process.

In addition to finding something that looks good on you and fits the dance, you also have to find something that matches with your partner’s dress.

We have included several different styles on this list so that you are sure to find the perfect dance outfit for your boy dancer!

You can choose between plain basic shirts as well as shirts with ties.


Latin Dancewear

If you are looking for adult ballroom dance costumes you can find Latin Dance Outfits for Women here.

The list of women’s costumes contain many styles.

And you can find Latin Dance Outfits for Men here. The list contains many men’s wear options including dance pants, practice shirts, and formal shirts.

And don’t forget to complete the ensemble with the perfect ballroom dance shoes! You can find shoes for the whole family here:

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Kids

After getting the shoes and your costume you will be ready to hit the dance floor in style!

We hope you and your young dancer enjoy each of the dance wear options on this list as much as we do!


Latin Dance Outfits for Kids

Whether your young ballroom dancer is going to class, a recital, or a competition there is something on this list for them!

You will find costumes on the list for both boys and girls!