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Are you looking for the best ballroom dance shoes for men? This list gives you many options to choose from! There are shoes for dance class and lessons, social dancing, and competition!

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men


Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men

Ballroom dance shoes are a necessity if you’re going to dance for any length of time or if you want to dance to the best of your ability.


Ballroom Shoes

Ballroom dancers first need to decide what kind of shoes they want. 

Are you looking for a shoe with a low or a higher heel? Are you looking for something that has a lot of flexibility? Are you looking for something more breathable?

When it comes to ballroom shoes for men there aren’t quite as many different options as there are for women’s ballroom shoes.

For women you can find lots of different styles, materials, colors, etc.

For men, black is the standard color and odds are the color you will always use. But if you’re looking for a specialty color we do have another option on the list for you to check out!


Best Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes

When choosing your shoes there are multiple things to consider.

First do you want to wear higher heels or a low heel?

Skill level can help determine this. If you’re just starting out, or if you struggle with balance, you might want to start with a low heel. They will help give you better balance. However if you are more advanced, or looking to gain some height, then you can also find a men’s shoe with a little bit higher heel.

Standard men’s heels are usually 1″ high. But higher heel options of 2″ are also commonly found.

Also if you’re just starting out or if you are just dancing for fun you don’t need a super expensive pair of ballroom shoes. 

Our first pair of shoes were very inexpensive, however they are very comfortable shoes and are easy to dance in. They are flexible, soft, and do not rub your feet. If you are interested in a shoe like this we have actually listed it as the first shoe on this list. They are a very affordable price with a comfortable fit.


Best Dance Shoes

When choosing new dance shoes you also need to consider the color. 

As I said most standard shoes for men are going to be black, as you will usually be wearing black pants.

This is the standard for competition.

However if you are social dancing or taking ballroom dance lessons you can choose any color you would like:) There are a unique black and white pair listed below that you might love!

Also The sole of the shoe is very important in ballroom dance. You want to make sure you are using proper dance shoes.

The most important reason for buying actual ballroom shoes and not just using any regular shoes is the bottom of the shoe. The shoe needs to have soft suede outsoles. You want the bottom of your shoe to be soft leather or suede and not a hard sole that can stick to the floor. 

The suede sole will allow you to easily turn on the ball of your foot, making you look like one of the professional dancers that you see on TV;)

We hope that this list helps you to find the best type of shoes for you for ballroom dancing! Have fun and break a leg!


Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women

Also don’t forget to get shoes for your dance partner!

We have compiled a list of the Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women here. You will look great dancing together in your new shoes:)


Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Kids

Also if you have kids that ballroom dance or who will be starting ballroom dance lessons be sure to get them their own dance shoes as well!

We have put together a list of some of the Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Kids here. There are some adorable shoe options to choose from!


Latin Dance Outfits

Also don’t forget the rest of your ensemble!

You need more than shoes for ballroom dance. Whether you are taking private lessons, a group class, out social dancing, or attending a ballroom dance competition you will benefit from a beautiful dance outfit!

We have compiled a list of some of the best Latin dance outfits for the whole family. You can find them here:

Latin Dance Outfits for Women

Latin Dance Outfits for Men

And Latin Dance Outfits for Kids

We hope that these outfits and the list of shoes below helps you to have a more enjoyable dance experience!

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men

These are all great affordable options for men's ballroom dance shoes!